Road Closures Update: 9:20 a.m.

Here is the latest list of road closures for Brazos County, Bryan, and College Station.

Additional road closures are likely as the rain continues to fall today, and we will provide updates as they become available.

Please do not drive unless it is an emergency, and always remember, do not attempt to drive through high water. Turn around, don’t drown.

Brazos County

  • Rock Prairie at Sulphur Springs and Lick Creek
  • Peach Creek Road east of Highway 6
  • 10306 FM 1179
  • Iris at I&GN
  • Greens Prairie Trail between the railroad and I&GN
  • Old Reliance at Wallace (water running over road)
  • East State Hwy. 21, Wickson Bridge (flooding in westbound lane)
  • 8800 East State Hwy. 21 (flooding in westbound lane)
  • Hardy Weedon Rd. at Lake Front Dr., Lake Front Subdivision (dam is full, spill over imminent)
  • Merka at 1179 (road closed)


  • Palasota between Mockingbird and Groesbeck
  • Dumas at MLK (water over road)
  • Copperfield Drive at Williamsburg Dr.
  • 3400 Block of Old Reliance (4″ water over road)
  • Old Reliance at Austin Creek east to Austin’s Colony
  • Copperfield at the pool (road closed)
  • 1113 West 17th St. (water on road)
  • MLK at Harlem (road flooded)
  • Broadmoor between Burning Tree and Camelot, low-water bridge (closed)
  • Northbound lanes of Texas and Lightfoot (water on the road)
  • Woodville at 2404 (water over road)
  • Laura at Woodville (water over road)
  • Waco at Old Kurten Rd. (water over road)

College Station

  • Wilderness Drive in Raintree Subdivision (water over roadway)
  • Royder Road near Greens Prairie (water over roadway)
  • McAllister Rd. near Stewarts Meadow (roadway failure due to erosion from sand pit excavation)
  • Rock Prairie and Lick Creek
  • Harvey Road at Carter Creek, Veterans Park (closed; 2 ft. of water)