Road Closures as of 8:20 p.m., May 27, 2016

Brazos County Roads closed as of May 27th, 2016 at 8:20 p.m.
Koppe Bridge Road at River Place Subdivision open
Royder Road (close to the dead end) open
Cherokee Road at Hwy 6 open
Peach Creek Road at Hwy 6
Peach Creek Road at Lick Creek
Sulphur Springs Road at Hickory
Weedon Loop at the Bridge
Elmo Weedon Road at Wickson Creek
Grassbur Road at Wickson Creek
Old Reliance Road at Mathis Creek open
Old Reliance Road at Bowman Creek open
Old Reliance Road at Wickson Creek open
Oak Lake Road between FM 2038 and Democrat Road open
Democrat Road at Hwy 21 open
Kurten Cemetery Road at Mathis Creek open
Dilly Shaw Tap Road at Wickson Creek
Wilcox at Wickson Creek open
Woodville at Rabbit open
Rabbit Lane at Thurman open
Democrat Road at Navasota River
Dick Elliott Road at FM 974 (Wickson Creek)
Dick Elliott Road at OSR
Old Hearne Road at OSR open
Mumford Road at FM 2818 open
Mumford Road at Saunders open
Burt Road at the bridge open
Silver Hill Road at Thompson Creek open
Old Bundick Road at McDonald Creek open
Macey Road at the Bridge open
Edge Cutoff Road at Rocky Creek open
Edge Cutoff Road at OSR open
Edge Schoolhouse Road at Rocky Creek open
FM 1179 at Grassbur open
Long Trussel Road at the Navasota River
FM 159 at Matt Wright Road (TXDOT)
FM 159 at Whiteswitch Road (TXDOT) partially open
Hopes Creek Road at the Bridge
Green’s Prairie Trail @ Sweetwater (new/culvert)