Emergency Notification System

This could be the call that saves a life. Will you be answering your phone?

The Emergency Notification System was created to notify citizens of local emergencies that occur day or night. A new system has been implemented to more efficiently and effectively reach our citizens.


You may register your mobile device in one of two ways.

  1. Create a managed account: Using email, phone, and address
  2. Create a non-managed account: Using only phone and address

The advantage of a managed account is the ability to register multiple mobile devices and multiple addresses.

Weather alerts are automatically included in your registration, but you may opt out of those types of alerts during the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Emergency Notification System

Please note: This county-wide system does not replace or modify the Texas A&M University Code Maroon system which specifically addresses on-campus emergencies. Click here for more information on Code Maroon.