Recovery Ready: Are you ready to take the pledge?

Operation Restart unveils “Recovery Ready” Kits, Urges Importance of Health and Safety for Employees and Consumers

Businesses that would like to reassure their employees and customers that they are following health and safety best practices can now take the Operation Restart “Recovery Ready” pledge.

By doing so, these businesses are attesting that they are taking every precaution necessary to keep the public safe as the Bryan-College Station community begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pledge accompanies the industry-specific best practices and guidelines created by Operation Restart to complement Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Open Texas Phase 1 guidelines.

operation restart - recovery ready kits

Operation Restart is a collaboration among Brazos County, the City of Bryan, the City of College Station, and the private sector.

“Over 250 leaders in business and industry came together in 17 different working groups to provide guidance on the best practices that should be implemented for the purpose of keeping customers and employees safe and healthy all the while bolstering consumer confidence and transacting business,” said Kenny Lawson, owner of CC Creations and tri-chair of Operation Restart with Mayors Pro Tem Greg Owens and Linda Harvell.

Businesses wishing to participate will take the following pledge:
“Through my voluntary participation in Operation Restart, I pledge to meet health and safety guidelines and recommendations while encouraging the continual examination of best practices in my business, industry, or vocation. I strive to go above and beyond by continuing to adjust and provide a safe and healthy atmosphere providing confidence to consumers, employees, and our greater community.”

Those taking the pledge will then receive a “Recovery Ready” kit with digital logos, a window decal, a yard sign, and a placard that the business can use. The kit promotes the best practices that each business has voluntarily agreed to follow for the purpose of transacting business in a safe and healthy environment. Members of the public are encouraged to scan a QR code that takes them to the Operation Restart website, where they can read the best practices and recommendations for consumers and employees.

Digital logos will be available upon completing enrollment and taking the “Recovery Ready” Pledge, and window decals, yard signs, and placards can be picked up at locations in each city once enrollment is complete.

“It is the sincere hope that promoting these best practices and recommendations preserve the ability to transact business in a safe and healthy environment as we move to reopen our local economy,” said Bob Lamkin, environmental health manager for the Brazos County Health District.